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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2018

Sammenligne, læse og web hosting virksomheder. www.000webhost.com er en gratis Web Hosting udbyder, og dette er et bibliotek af andre web hosting virksomheder, du bør overveje eller undgå! Webmasters & brugere kan sammenligne eller skrive webhosting anmeldelser om næsten alle gratis og betalt web hosts. Vores gennemgangsmappe er en af de største på nettet, med 100% ægte service-brugerkommentarer.

Anmeldelse af hostinger.com af Austinpå 2018/01/15 ved 03:46
Hostinger is simply awesome! At Hexa, we use Hostinger to host our website, along with customer data. Hostinger has not yet let us down and we've never had any downtime, which is great! Their plans are super cheap and it's super easy to use. We're not switching to any other host. Totally recommend!
Anmeldelse af hostinger.com af Brian på 2018/01/13 ved 16:42
I really like Hostinger's services. They provided unlimited disk spaces, emails and much more stuffs! However, I think they need to improve their 24/7 support since it is quite slow. But the agents are professional and enthusiastic, and I like them. Overall, the best cheap web hosting service, I do believe.
Anmeldelse af hostinger.com af Ausbbelpå 2017/12/09 ved 21:39
Anmeldelse af gigapros.com af Nikolaj Appeldoornpå 2018/01/19 ved 10:35
I signed up with Gigapros host and everything went very smooth.
The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet.
It is one of the best places to order low-cost dedicated servers in the USA.
Efficient work, good staff, nice experience.
Anmeldelse af colocrossing.com af Bob Hates ColoCrossingpå 2018/01/18 ved 17:00
Same as many here - TONS of SPAM from COLO servers EVERY single Day. Not only do I report it to SpamCop, but I also go to Colo's website, click Company, Contact Us and select Report Abuse.
But...Of Course, their Spam never stops. NEVER. They, like most other @$$hats, do NOT care about anything than self-interest.
Anmeldelse af vortechhosting.com af Dissatisfied Clientpå 2018/01/17 ved 10:15
Do not use Vortech Hosting. Like the previous reviewer, I was with Vortech from the beginning and did not transfer just because of all the hassle. However, it finally became time because Vortech was not responding and we'd moved all our accounts to another server. The system did not allow us to cancel our account. Despite repeated emails, phone calls, trouble tickets over the past two months, I still have not received confirmation that our hosting account has been cancelled. I'd give them a -10 on a scale from 1 to 10.
Anmeldelse af colocrossing.com af Roxpå 2018/01/16 ved 13:22
Horrible, never respond to anything, reporting spam is pointless as they ignore.
At the end i blocked everything that had ColoCrossing somewhere in the email..
My advice: stay as far away from ColoCrossing as possible
Anmeldelse af gigapros.com af Mirca Kuascupå 2018/01/16 ved 10:36
Totally impressed with Gigapros web hosting service.
Perfect web host. The prices are outstanding, my hosting was set up immediately and accounts transferred almost as soon as I gave word. Recommended!
Anmeldelse af colocrossing.com af Death to Spampå 2018/01/16 ved 02:24
Just reject all mail with "colocrossing" appearing anywhere in it. I guess if you are a spammer, these guys should get 5 stars since their servers have issued unbelievable amounts of spam to me over the years. Due to that, it's hard to believe their server IPs have a reputation with other mailservers that will allow them to be effective.
Anmeldelse af glowhost.com af Iv. Fiorentinipå 2018/01/15 ved 08:26
My favorite! I love how it's simple but also very powerful.
I have been using Glowhost for some time now and I am impressed. The price is ok, but what i like the most is how genuine everything is there. The support is superb and tries to give you lessons which is good. If something gets really bad, you get directly contacted and it appears that it’s a fairly small company because there's so much human contact.
Del venligst & Synes om denne side! Det vil motiverer os til at udvikle mere & bedre gratis funktioner!

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